A person who wants to keep his body and spirit toned, loving a bicycle and all that is connected with it, but not having his own can use the service of hire from #Velocafe. We will always provide our customers with quality bicycles in excellent technical condition from world famous manufacturers. You will be surprised at moderate prices, flexible discount system for regular customers. We have interesting events and profitable companies all year round.

The main users of the project are owners of their own bicycles. With us they have the opportunity to drink a fresh delicious drink after a good ride, taste dishes and snacks of European cuisine. In addition, we always find a social circle in which you can relax and share your impressions and just lose the fatigue of the past day. What could be better than a good dinner after a hard day? The cafe also provides an opportunity for celebrations and events.

In #velocafe you can diversify your evening with various games (dominoes, monopolies, UNO, etc.). Within the framework of the project, the service #velocinema functions. On a preliminary reservation you can visit us and spend time with your friends watching the movie. Tea and pop corn is included in the price.

Bicycle washing of any complexity of pollution to factory cleanliness.
The sink includes:
- Washing of the whole bike, degreasing.
- Complete cleaning of the entire transmission (switches, stars, chain) and chain lubrication (after washing, the chain is dried immediately, which prevents it from rusting).
- Removal of any stains from the frame without harm to the coating.
- It is possible to remove rust from the surface of steel frames.
- Cleaning of rotors and brake pads of disc brakes by special means.

One of the innovative activities of the project is the service of #bicycleparking. Like to ride along Baku Boulevard, but live far away? Is there no way to store and maintain a bicycle at home? Are you afraid for its safety? Forget about these problems! With us you will always have the opportunity to pick up and ride at any time convenient for you your bike.
All bicycles are stored in a closed and guarded room, timely maintenance and cleaning of the bike. We can deliver the bike to any place convenient for you.

During the week we spend #rides on different routes for different distances. The purpose of the rides is interesting to spend time in the company of like-minded people and rally cyclists of our city. In the rides can participate as amateurs, and professional cyclists. Also at the end of each month we conduct the ride #CriticalMassBaku.

We gladly, qualitatively and quickly carry out the full maintenance of your bike and prepare it for safe operation.
-Reparing any bicycles of any complexity
-replacement of components
-bicycle upgrade
Free consultation on repair, selection of components and spare parts.
You can contact us to repair, consult or transport your bike to the workshop.

Within the framework of the project #veloschool training is provided for those wishing to ride a bicycle. The course consists of the following parts:
- practical training for riding;
- training in traffic regulations;
- training in bicycle maintenance;
-practical lessons;
-Series of training sessions.
Classes are held on the territory of Baku Boulevard. The duration of the course is unlimited and the training continues until the student is fully educated. After training, a bicyclist receives a constant discount on a number of services.

In our store you can buy both used and new bicycles. Our specialists will conduct a free consultation and help you to choose a bicycle for your needs. A distinctive feature of our store is a test drive, so you can take the desired bike for rent.

Recently, courier express delivery services are becoming more relevant in the modern metropolis. Service of urgent deliveries "VeloKuryer" provides prompt delivery of your goods and documents "from hand to hand" in the shortest possible time. Our couriers will deliver your shipment quickly, securely and confidentially anywhere in Baku.

Those who do not have the opportunity to pick up the bike themselves, there is such a service as "VeloTaxi". Our couriers gladly deliver to you rented bicycle at any convenient point for you and at the end of the rental period, you can also pick it up yourself. You can also use this service to transport your own bicycle, for example, if the poket was delayed and urgent business appeared.

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