SharkHead | velopeople is an amateur sports bike club, founded in May 2012. Since the opening of VeloCafe, the club is our partner. The club's activities include thematic races, cycling, mountain bike (MTB) and bike orienteering.

Through the participation of the SharkHead club, we hold constant races, which can be attended by both cyclists, amateurs and professionals, and users of the BikeRent service.
During the races, all participants obey a certain set of rules and comply with the Rules of the Road Movement, but one of the priorities is full democracy. There are no restrictions on age, race, language or type of bicycle.

The itineraries of the races can be changed or adjusted before the arrival or during it, taking into account the wishes of the participating or road conditions. About the races are informed in advance by means of VELOCAFE or SharkHead.

We invite all those who wish to join the races on the following routes:

1. Sahil - Nargilea Park - VELOCAFE
2. Sahil - Badamdar Park - VELOCAFE
3. Sahil - Koroglu Park - VELOCAFE
4. Bulbar Ride
5. Sahil Park - Shichovo - VELOCAFE
6. Sahil Park - Aéroport - VELOCAFE
7. Sahil Park - Mardakyan - VELOCAFE

These routes we also recommend to our users BikeRent, making single rides.
Time of rides:
Tuesday, Thursday - 20:30-23:00
Sunday 08:00-14:00

For fans of a mountain paddle (MTB) races are conducted on rough terrain. About the wish to participate in them must be informed in advance. Information about mountain rides is also published on our resources.

Also, everyone is welcome to check out Critical Mass Baku.
Critical Mass is the collection of a large number of cyclists, traditionally held on the last Friday of every month in more than 300 cities around the world.
In the "Critical Mass" movement, any cyclist can take part. For the arrival of the "critical mass" in advance the place and time of the gathering of participants is announced, mainly through social networks and the route of travel. For participation it is necessary to come to the specified place on a serviceable bicycle and be ready to drive at a low tempo of 15-30 kilometers.
Critical Mass Baku is traditionally held every last Saturday of the month. The route is 15 km. Participants overcome it in 1 hour. Anyone can join him on their bikes or rent. More details: Critical Mass Baku

VeloCafe along with other activities conducts bike tours in various directions. Our marshals are cyclists, who have many years of experience in cycling in Baku, Azerbaijan and neighboring regions (Georgia, Turkey, South Russia). The bike tours are very different and allow you to see the world from the height of two wheels. We offer our users cycle routes and their description, as well as the opportunity to book a bike tour, rent a bicycle, travel equipment and everything needed to complete the tour. It is also possible to book a guide and an escort vehicle.
To book a bike tour and for additional information about the types and cost of tours, you can contact us using the contacts listed on the website.

1. Baku-Shamakhi-Baku (2 days)
2. Baku-Guba-Baku (2 days)
3. Baku-Guba-Khinalig-Guba-Baku (3 days)
4. Baku-Pirallahy-Baku (1 day)
5. Baku-waterfalls of Lagodekhi (Georgia) -Baku (7 days). Perhaps the continuation of the tour to Tbilisi.
6. Baku-Balakany-Baku (5 days)
7. Baku-Gobustan-Baku. Journey to the mud volcanoes (1 day).
8. Baku-Ganja-Baku (7 days).
9. Tour of the sights of Baku (1 day).
10. Tour of Absheron (250 km)

This is a standard package of tours offered to tourists. There may be changes depending on the wishes of the cyclist.
Perhaps the continuation of some tours through the territory of Georgia, for example, go to the Cross Pass along the old Georgian military road.
The list of additional options for bicycles includes the following:
- Experienced guide;
- Bicycle rent;
- Rent of tourist equipment (tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, burner, etc.);
- Escort car.
For fans of more comfortable bike tours it is possible to book hotels and hostels.

Contacts us+994 77 530 00 20
Send us a messageinfo@velocafe.az
Visit us 251 Mirzagha Aliyev