With great pleasure we intoduce you our new place in the middle of Baku! Today and everyday we are waiting for you at 251 Mirzagha Aliyev str. 

Our services: 
- bike rent;
- veloparking;
- cafe;
- veloschool.

Free bicycle delivery
VeloCafe offers you a bicycle delivery service. We can:
- deliver the rented bike;
- deliver a bicycle standing in our parking lot;
- transport your bike or pick it up for maintenance.
To order delivery of rental bicycles, you must:
- at least once rent a bicycle from us;
- carry an identification document (identity card, passport, driver's license, student ID);
- book a bicycle in advance.
Delivery of bicycles to Boulevard and New Boulevard, st. Nizami (Torgovaya), Fountain Square, sq. Azneft, M/st Icheri Sheher and Bailovo are free.
The cost of delivering bicycles to other locations is determined individually, depending on the time of booking, the number of armored bicycles and the remoteness of the delivery point.

To order bicycle, bike delivery, get more information about tours, services and cources you can contacts us via information below

Call/WHATSAPP/Telegram: +994 77 530 00 20
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Contacts us+994 77 530 00 20
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